Progress Assignment, Research Outline– Instructions (Read Carefully)
The research outline will build upon your research plan from Week 3 (see attached). By creating an outline you can make sure that all elements of your research are addressed equally – and that your project design flows smoothly, leading to a logical final project.
Formatting Instructions
To create your outline please set up your submission in this way:
Working Title – transform your question into a title statement
Statement of the Problem & Thesis
What is the problem?
Purpose statement one – why it’s important
Purpose statement two – how your work will contribute to the solution
Background to the problem (generally historical)
First important piece of the background
Second important piece of the background
Third important piece of the background
Issues – include the theoretical framework or worldview that best applies
What is the primary issue in the problem?
What is another important issue in the problem?
What is a less-important issue in the problem?
Complicating factors – What makes these issues & a solution complicated?
What is the biggest obstacle in solving this problem?
What is another reason it will be difficult to solve this problem?
What else is getting in the way of a lasting solution?
Possible solutions (use experts to help identify solutions)
Solution 1
Solution 2
Solution 3
Using one or more of the complicating factors, compose a statement that begins with the word “although.” Explain what the complicating factors are in a general way, then insert a comma and proceed with the second part of the sentence – your solution. Give the solution and tell a reason why.
Ex: Although food security is difficult to address due to climate change, conflict and governmental instability, a solution can be found by creating partnerships between first and third world countries. (Then, go on to explain how this solution will work).
Anticipated Outcome
What do you expect to happen as a result of the recommendation?
Wrap up your topic
Include your closing
Follow this Format for the outline:
Do not use a cover page. Instead, create a header with your name, assignment name, and date. To do this in Word, go to “insert” and then “header.” Do the same thing to insert‘footer’ and include page numbers. If you need help, use the ‘help’ function to learn more within Word.
Your submission should be around two pages double spaced following the format above.
Submission Instructions
Review your submission and make sure that you have covered the requirements of the assignment and the outline format.
Use this format to name your file: YourlastnameOutline.docx.
Use standard word settings for the assignment. Double-space, 12 pt. font (Calibri, Helvetica or Arial as a last resort).
Upload the document to the correct folder in assignments.

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