theory: close textual analysis
where: in series from tv or netflix or internet
We have the theory selected, Apply it to an artefact you can identify as a moment of social change (either in your home country – ROMANIA or internationally).Identify the strengths and weaknesses of theory in the context of the artefact.
this should be done briefly, cause after this it will be a bigger paper on this subject, so this one is just a proposal
You should say that this is the theory that i will use because bla bla I will use it on this serie…
Example: Fantasy Theme Criticism in the context of Charles de Gaulle’s televised speech on Algerian independence 1960.
and than write about the theory and the artefact (the series) and how is connected, strnghts and weaknesses of the theory in the context of the series
Ppt with the theory attached

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