Assignment #1: Students will write a paper using a minimum of 4 Social Work journal articles related to working with groups (group treatment setting) on a social problem or same intervention. The three articles should have a common thread: either treating the same population or using the same intervention to treat different populations. 1 Web aritcle
As part of this assignment, students will:
Identify the group’s social need/issue
Identify the group population (age, race, gender, etc.)
Identify type of group utilized
Identify intervention theory implemented.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions.
Include a short assessment/opinion of the journal articles.
In the Conclusion portion, you must compare and contrast the three articles at length and discuss the differences and similarities and the most effective application of the intervention used or the population that was helped the most.
Attach the social work articles with information used in the paper.
The paper should be at least five pages long, be in APA format, typed and double-spaced.

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