Assignment- Summative Assessment Literature-based Math Lesson Plan (worth 16 Points- see attached rubric)
Due Sunday, April 17th
For this activity, you will choose a piece of Children’s Literature. (2 are listed attached)
Create a classroom activity that integrates the piece of literature and mathematics.
Write a detailed and complete lesson plan, which outlines how you would use a children’s book as part of a hands-on mathematics lesson for early childhood school children.
The lesson plan should include-the name of the text, author, materials needed for the lesson, grade level of the audience, and a brief synopsis of the book
What is the major mathematical concept?
How can I help students connect this concept to their lives?
Are there key concepts or specialized vocabulary that needs to be introduced because students could not get meaning from the context?
How could I use the pictures, charts, and graphs to predict or anticipate content?
Book Ideas (if you do not have one of your own)
Watch the book being read here:

Watch the book being read here:

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