Basically a strategic analysis of The Walt Disney Company it should include 1. Executive Summary
2. Company Overview
3. Vision Statement
4. Mission Statement
5. Mission Statement evaluation
6. Internal Audit Checklists for Each Business Function
7. IFE (Internal Factor Evaluation) Matrix
8. External Audit
9. CPM (Competitive Profile Matrix)
10. EFE (External Factor Evaluation) Matrix
11. SWOT (Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats)
12. SPACE (Strategic Position and Action Evaluation) Matrix
13. GS (Grand Strategy) Matrix
14. IE (Internal-External) Matrix
15. BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Matrix
16. QSPM (Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix)
17. Balanced Scorecard
18. Strategy Evaluation Assessment Matrix
19. Recommendations/Corrective Actions
20. Conclusion
21. References
also the attached files are to help with the report so please fill them out as you go and send them back along with the report/research

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