Discussion Posting 4
Need 275 not including sources, and please use Grammarly and make sure it is not all run-on sentences.
Use the Web to research an article LESS THAN 12 months old that deals
with issues related to spam. Some good Web sites to go to are http://www.wired.com , http://www.msnbc.com , http://www.csoonline.com/article/2133983/social-networking-security/social-media-spam-on-the-rise–says-study.html, http://www.computerworld.com.
Your research can cover text spam, social media, or image spam.
1. Summarize the article in one paragraph.
2. Write another paragraph on your views
of spam related to the article and what are some things you would do if
you were managing the email system for your firm. For example, do you
think the recent laws are having much effect?
3. Include a link for the URL of your article and the date the article was written

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