Examine a series of legal steps related to the USMCA (the new name for NAFTA) and the developments regarding maquiladoras in Matamoros Mexico.
Find at least two additional resources besides the information included – one for the USMCA/NAFTA discussion and one providing additional material on the ethical approach you decide to use in Item #4.
Read over the material in the attached PDF and your chapter. Then analyze the information and write a response:
Describe the steps taken with regard to the maquiladoras issue under the USMCA/NAFTA rules over the past two years as explored in the news and government updates provided. What are the relevant USMCA/NAFTA provisions that are involved? What legal proceedings have been initiated and what actions have been taken by the U.S. and Mexican governments? What is the most recent action and its results with regard to clarifying labor issues within the terms of the USMCA/NAFTA agreement? You may want to create a timeline or summary chart but include a description as well.
What is your opinion of regional trade agreements and whether USMCA/NAFTA, in particular, is helping or hurting global trade? What data/information supports your view?
How does this ongoing situation reflect what you have also learned from the Chapter and our text overall? Connect to at least two specific ideas discussed in the chapter (up to page 392 and identify the page and section they are from.)
Finally, consider the ethical implications of the issue in light of the situation as described below and the ethical positions summarized in the information. Keep in mind the ethical perspectives identified and choose one that you most align with and discuss the issues from that perspective. You will find more information about these perspectives in the attached “Case Analysis Ethical Consideration”.
Use supporting academic or legitimate news sources to support your response (approximately 800 words)

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