DUE: APRIL 11th 2022
About 5 pages
Have a title
11 Times New Roman Only.
1” margins on all sides
Double spaced only (not .5, .75 or 1.5)
Use Chicago Style if citing outside material. If you use other conventions, stay consistent.
You may use your textbook or any outside academic sources for this assignment. Please write an essay on Plessy vs Ferguson, that responds to all bullet points below.
Please read the case Plessy vs Ferguson Decision (1896).
An abridged, highlights only version here:
Summarize the decision in your own words, don’t forget to define the concept of Separate but Equal as it was understood by the two sides.
Indicate what effect it had historically on life in the American south, (again briefly in your own words)
Analyze the ways that the dissent (by one supreme court Justice) in Plessy vs Ferguson foreshadowed the cases that eventually led to the reversal of the decision. You may use your book or other resources for analysis.
Look at the 20th century cases described below What was the main tactic used over time to eventually overturn Plessy?
What effect did Brown vs the Board of Education have on Life in the American South (again briefly in your own words).
How is American society still affected by the aftermath of this decision? (back this up with sources)

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