Grading Criteria
-Responses typed, using a standard font, 12-point type size, double-spaced, with overall neatness and readability.
-Restatement of the question and question number (exactly as stated in the Study Guide).
-Student used standard essay format: Introduction/Body/Conclusion.
-Student demonstrated proper use of grammar, spelling, punctuation, citation style, etc.
-Student demonstrated an understanding of course content and key concepts, as discussed in the text.
-Student was able to examine, assess, evaluate, and/or analyze course content and key concepts.
-Student provided a clear and well-developed response to the question.
Essay Topic
Klein suggested that, from very early infancy, children adopt several psychic defense mechanisms to protect their ego against the anxiety aroused by their own destructive phantasies. What are these psychic defense mechanisms, according to Klein, and how does the infant utilize each of them?

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