I need the writer to write my personal statement for me. (I’m horrible at these kinds of essays) I will 100% fold on the amount of pressure it puts on me.
I honestly don’t care what you say in the essay I just need to sound like I’m in love with accounting and have lots of skills and knowledge I can offer the program
The prompt: Submitting your personal statement is an opportunity to showcase what you will bring to the graduate program, the reasons you are applying to the program, and how the program fits into your larger career goals.
you can think about speaking about the university’s rating on their master’s program (just create the sentences and ill input the actual rating myself)
Things to speak on
how this degree will propel me academically for future positions
going to a top school will better my options
going to a school where academics is a top priority
being the first in my family to receive a BS and MS
going to eventually take the CPA exam
the diversity of the classes offered will help me in different ways ( I can provide the curriculum if you would like)
I honestly just need something that I can also add stuff to as time goes on

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