In preparation for this assignment, view the following library guide & video below:
After viewing the video, create a brochure educating fellow students on the issue of plagiarism. Your brochure will need to address the following questions:
When should one be citing information? What does it mean to be “common knowledge?”
How has the Internet made plagiarism issues worse? Why?
What are some ways in which one can avoid plagiarism?
What should be the appropriate punishment for a student who is caught plagiarizing? Should it matter whether or not the student intended to plagiarize?
Why is it important to understand the ramifications of plagiarism at the academic level? How will this better prepare a student for the workforce?
a brochure on plagiarism that answers those questions for business ethics class
The brochure that you are creating is to be a trifold design, double-sided. Draw attention to your brochure by using well-placed art, an easy to read design with your content, and use of color.
As with all assignments, use proper grammar and spelling.

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