My assignment is to discuss how the objective truth, that women are equal to men, is obscured in The Handmaid’s Tale through the use of conditioning.
This is my intro so far
It is objectively true that women can preform as well as men in traditionally male roles, and yet, the people living in Gilead have been conditioned to see women as being only good for household tasks and raising children. This conditioning has helped the government in The Handmaid’s Tale to accomplish their goal: the natural assumption of women believing that they are only good for childbearing and housekeeping roles. While a fictional story, Margaret Atwood depicts what sometimes occurs in real life: the changing of an objective truth as a manipulation tactic. Through conditioning and tactful coercion methods, the objective truth can be manipulated to fit a particular purpose.
I want to discuss the pyschocological aspects of conditioning, particularly BF Skinner’s work with operant conditioning. I then want to discuss how conditioning through reinforcement can be used as a manipulation tactic. Using that info, I want to discuss conditioning the women in the Handmaid’s Tale go through. And discuss the manipulation tactics the men in power use to reinforce desired behaviors in the women.
At least 3 sources or more! For sources, we have to use Gale Database or JStor. If another source, please check with me

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