Papers should be 1000 words in length, approximately 3-4 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12-point format, 1-inch margins on all sides. If the paper is short, I will deduct from the total score the percentage that it is short.
2. Include a cover page with the following information; paper title and picture, your name, due date, class name and instructor name (this does not count toward the overall word count). Paginate your paper. (10 points possible)
3. Please use proper spelling and grammar (10 points possible). Common pitfalls include changing verb tenses, non-parallel clauses, and spelling or use of homonyms. All computer programs include a spelling/grammar checker, use it and then proof read your paper at least twice and if possible, have someone else proof read it as well.
4. Structure of Paper (10 points possible) – papers must include a clear introduction with a strong thesis statement, supporting body paragraphs with topic sentences that help prove/explain the thesis statement, and a conclusion that sums up your paper. Do not use first person in a formal essay (I, me, you, etc.) and be sure that your paper progresses in a logical manner.
5. Sources (30 points possible) – Use at least 4 of the sources provided as well as one additional Journal Article properly cited on a separate bibliography page (this does not count toward the overall word count). Remember, you can always use more sources. A bibliography page is at the end of the document and lists all sources in alphabetical order by author. While a source may be listed multiple times in the citations according to how frequently it is cited, each source is only listed once in the bibliography. Any source cited in the paper must be in the bibliography and every source in the bibliography must be cited at least once in the paper. Remember if you do not cite your sources it is considered plagiarism and will result in a failing grade. See Essay Examples.
6. Citations (30 points possible) – Use at least 10 citations within your paper, you will most likely have more. Use parenthetical references (unless you are a History major and then we will work on footnotes) and be consistent throughout the paper and bibliography page. Remember if you do not cite your sources it is considered plagiarism and will result in a failing grade. See Essay Examples.
7. Thesis/Discussion/Argumentation (60 points possible) – Please cover all of the main points/questions of your subject. Important considerations include thoroughness, accuracy, detail, cohesiveness and logic. Please support your thesis statement with clear logic. Do not just make a conclusion and expect me to guess how you reached that conclusion.
8. Be sure to review the information on plagiarism, plagiarized papers will result in a failing grade and other possible disciplinary actions. See link on what is plagiarism. Submit paper to class drop box by due date.

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