References for the entire Paper
A minimum of three primary references and at least two other types of references should
be cited in the paper for a total of five references. A primary reference is an original source, as
in professional journals or edited books. A primary reference contains the author’s original
research and/or thoughts on a particular subject. Most textbooks, “how to” books predominant
in local public libraries, and magazines are secondary references which interpret original
research. Newspaper articles, Web pages* (unless they are specifically journal articles) and
magazines are not primary references.
Research Paper Requirements
Required to submit a topic, summary of references, and a final draft.
Paper should be approximately 7 to 8 pages in length. All facts and ideas derived from reference material must be duly footnoted and credited.
Size 12 font (Arial, Times Roman, Bookman Old Style), Double Space, and Apa 7th edition citations.
The paper should be well organized. Should clearly present the issue, controversies and problems of the literature on the topic.
The style of writing should be clear and concise. APA 7th edition references should be cited within text but not unduly quoted. Keep quoting to a minimum!

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