the assignment topic is: The physical characteristics of oils and fats depend on various factors such as the number and position of double bonds, chain length, and the distribution of fatty acids within a triacylglycerol. In essay form, describe two processes that are used in the food industry to improve the application of fats and oil. In each process, give examples of two food products that benefit from the process.
the essay should comprise between 1600 and 2000 words of text excluding references.
An essay should have an introduction, the points you wish to make in a logical sequence of paragraphs, and a conclusion – in that order. Take care to paragraph well.
For clarity, it is useful to leave a 6 or 12 point gap between paragraphs. Indenting the first word can also be helpful. Spacelines at 1.5.
You are strongly encouraged to use labelled diagrams to support your text. If you paraphrase text or information from any source, you must acknowledge the source by reference. References should be listed at the end of the essay in apa7 format.

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