Write abstract and search methods section
Abstract (250 word limit)
Headings: Purpose, Methods, Results, Conclusions, Implications for Practice
Methods section
Must include search information from minimum of two scientific literature databases.
Inclusion and exclusion criteria with rationale are specified
Numbers of articles from each search step are documented
Results, Conclusion, Implications for Practice
Follow rubric for these sections
Be certain to synthesize your findings…tell the story about the major concepts you found. Don’t just list each article. We want to hear how you interpreted the science and grouped the information together to come to a logical conclusion for clinical practice.
Limit final paper to 5,000 words. Not including title and reference pages, abstract, tables, or figures.
Create Reference list
May use reference software such as RefWorks, Mendeley, etc.
Be sure to include all literature used in synthesis as well as sources needed for background, frameworks, theories, others as necessary.

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