700-900 words in APA Style.
Which work that you read in class in this course would you want your political leaders to read and why? What lessons would you like them to draw from that text? Would you like them to read Plato to be more enlightened leaders? Would you want them to read Franz Kafka to understand the “Kafkaesque” nightmare of filing tax returns? You can approach the essay any way that you would like as long as you demonstrate an understanding of the chosen text and produce a polished and professional essay. You may choose any text from the syllabus that interested you.
The same essay topic as the above, but instead of “political leaders” you may write about what text you would like the members of your community—however you define it—to read and why. Your community could be your fellow nursing students, the healthcare community in general, the city you live in, etc. Define the community you mean in your essay.
With either topic, this paper will be graded more on execution and professionalism rather than argument. The paper should have an introduction, at least one paragraph describing the text, at least two paragraphs describing the lessons drawn from the text, and a paragraph of conclusion. Please incorporate one or two quotes from the text you choose, but those quotes should not count toward your total word count. See the guide to integrating quotations. You do not need to bring in outside research, but if you do you must properly credit and cite your sources.
Please remember to:
* Proofread for typos and grammatical errors.
* Format the essay professionally with a standard 12 pt. font (Times New Roman preferred), double spacing, and page numbers.
* Use APA style.
* Submit as a .doc or .docx file.
* Do not plagiarize. Anything taken from outside sources must be properly cited and credited.

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