Becoming a Professional: Essay on Good Practice & Personal Development (1800-2000 Words)
• In the first part of the essay (1200-1500 words) You will be given an example of a complex
clinical & professional case dilemma and will be expected to offer a reasoned and
justifiable approach to the situation satisfying professional standards for practice; through
the application of the OPS and in consideration of ethics and values-based practice.
• In the second part of the essay (500-800 words) you will reflect upon one or two of your
own perceived needs in key areas related to the case dilemma such as your own values,
attributes, beliefs, or behaviours.
• You will also develop an action plan that sets out how you will support your personal
development including measurable goals to help you manage similar future clinical and
professional dilemmas.
To develop your essay, you will be expected to use and reference sources such as your reflective
portfolio entries from Being an Osteopath, your clinical observation experience, classroom-based
learning within the professionalism unit, discussions with your peers, the OPS, and peer reviewed

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