Analysis of Sexed/Gendered Toys
This project
involves an analysis of children’s toys. The finished assignment should be in essay format and should include the critical points elicited by the questions below
(e.g., these are the criteria). You may wish to organize your
paragraphs according to the topical points of each question. The essay should
be 3-5 pages, in times new roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, with the title
centered and bolded at the top. Your name, course, and section should appear in
the top right corner. Be prepared to discuss the class assignment. Please
submit your assignment on Bb under the Assignments button.
children’s toys in an online store (or in person if you wish), such as Wal-Mart
or Target,or Amazon.
Criteria to include:
1. Are the toys segregated, i.e. are
there toys specifically marketed to boys and different toys marketed to girls? Toys
marketed as gender neutral? Are the toys in different aisles (or categories, if
online)? Please describe.
2. What types of toys are in the
boys’ section? The girls’ section? Neutral?
3. What
characteristics/ roles/ behaviors do they suggest for girls? boys? What do
these toys suggest is the most valuable or important thing about girls? boys?
4. What careers
do they suggest for boys? gGirls
5. What is the ideal physical image (e.g.,
body, beauty, etc.) promoted by these toys for girls? boys
6. What words are used on the
packaging? What roles/ characteristics do these words suggest? Include boys’ toys, girls’ toys,
neutral toys.
7. What parallels do you see between
toys and gendered outcomes for people as adults? I.e., family roles, military,
careers, stereotypical characteristics, use of cosmetics- these are just some
examples. Address these and come up with some of your own.
8. (Optional) If
you are in a target-type setting, gook at the children’s bedding, games,
bikes, sports equipment, backpacks, sunglasses, shoes, and especially
infant, children’s, and adult clothing. Write an analysis of what you find.

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