Cultural Proficiency: Reflection Paper Assignment Instructions
After completing the Cultural
Proficiency: Receptivity Scale during Module 1: Week 1 and Module 8: Week 8,
submit a 750-850-word Cultural Proficiency: Reflection Paper formatted
according to current APA style on what you have learned and how your cultural
proficiency has changed throughout this course.
You should provide a clear reflection and include analysis on 4-5
topics in the course. Be sure to include course readings and/or videos. Be sure to include a clear
Christian worldview aspect and it should be integrated throughout the
submission. The reflection should provide a clear and
detailed summary of both Cultural Proficiency: Receptivity Scale attempts,
which were taken in Module
1: Week 1 and Module 8: Week 8.
A robust personal analysis is needed to discuss any changes in
conceptual ideas or growth during the course, as indicated in the result
attempts. This should include any changes in previous thoughts or ideas that
you had, either coming into the course or the changes that occurred throughout the course. Current APA formatting is required throughout, and it should include
a title and a reference page, which are not counted in the overall word count
requirement. A minimum of at least 2 scholarly
sources are required to be cited in the submission.

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