Hi! I am looking for an expert writer who can help me write my neuromuscular disease assignment essay. For my topic, I am choosing Multiple Sclerosis. For part 1 please include a minimum of 4 scientific peer-reviewed references. For part 3 please make sure to include sample menus, charts, exercise routines (graphics menus, pics or visual things to help teach).
Please include In-text citations
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I will paste the rest of the assignment instructions below and they will also be uploaded as a file. Please adhere to the instructions as presented and let me know if there are any questions or concern.
The purpose of this assignment is to learn how to breakdown difficult information and communicate it to a patient in a simple manner. Being able to communicate effectively to patients is a critical part of health care.
Think about “how would I want a health professional to teach me about this disease if my family member was diagnosed with it”.
Choose one of the following difficult diseases for your assignment (use only one of these diseases, they have serious nutritional and physical problems:
Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s disease
This assignment has 3 parts. Treat each part as if it’s a separate writing assignment.
Part 1: This is the scientific and professional part
Write a 2 page, single spaced article about the disease you selected. What causes it, what are the symptoms, who gets it, how is it diagnosed, the medications, the current treatments, the prognosis, how can it be prevented, and the dietary and physical therapies for the disease AND current research areas. For part 1 include a minimum of 4 scientific peer-reviewed references. Write this section (Part 1) as if you were writing to fellow health professionals who can understand the detailed science.
It must be scientific and use current articles on the disease. THIS PART IS VERY SCIENTIFIC WITH CURRENT RESEARCH ETC. USE SCIENTIFIC PEER REVIEWED ARTICLES not WebMd or informational website like national organizations (but they usually have the peer-reviewed articles cited in their website somewhere. You have to find them.
Put references at the end of each part of the assignment.
Part 2:
Select your patient, you determine the age and sex of the patient and re-word your part 1 above as if you were explaining it to your patient and patient’s caregivers. Put it in a language you feel they will understand and use examples to help clarify. 2 pages, single spaced. You need to reference this part also. THIS IS EVERYTHING IN PART 1 BUT BROKEN DOWN FOR A 12 YEAR OLD TO UNDERSTAND.
Part 3:
For part 3, write the dietary recommendations and explain the changes that will occur as the disease progresses. Also make physical therapy or other therapy recommendations related to the disease in a language the patient understands. 1-5 pages. Be creative. Include sample menus, charts, exercise routines. This is about educating the family with resources to help you teach. They need to know how it will affect their loved one’s life both now and in the future. Include sample menus and feeding schedules throughout the patient’s disease. Use graphics to explain your concepts if necessary. Include helpful websites, support groups.
This part also needs references if you pull things off the internet you need to cite them.
APA format.

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