Hi! I need you to tell my story.
So, the plot goes. You are an immigrant from Russia, a former sugar baby.
You immigrate not knowing the language and get married to the marine officer, which ends up abusing you, and ends up in jail three times for the abuse and sexual assault.
You meet your soulmate working at the car dealership, he’s tall, handsome with green eyes and curly hair.
You become best friends but have a lot of reservations, later he tells you that he actually been divorced with 3 little kids.
He also tells you that he was deployed to Iraq, you later discover that he had never been deployed. Turns out he also had a 4th kid that he gave up for adoption. Then he starts drinking a lot, and you flee to Texas to start your new life.
You work really hard and get promoted to finance manager and later finance director for Honda. You absolutely fell in love with your bass, but keep your distance. Later you discover that your husband had cheated on you with a receptionist at his dealership while you are too busy working in a male-dominated industry making a bank. Your heart is broken, and you decide to drive your car off the bridge.
When suddenly god appears to you in your dream, promising to save you and reveal your soulmate to you.

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