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For Unit 3 We will be studying Metabolism and Viruses. For the unit 3 project please complete the following:
Part 1 of this activity will allow you to compare and contrast the processes in the diiferent forms of metabolism we have been studying in class.
Part 2 of this project will introduce you to the diversity and structures of different viruses. You will learn about structures, functions and other properties of viruses we will also be studying in class.
This assignment has two parts: Both completed worksheets are to be turned in through this assignment folder.
Part 1: Complete the Metabolism Flow Chart and upload your completed flow chart to this assignment folder. (20 points)
Part 2: Complete the Virus Explorer Interactive activity and worksheet. When you click on the link to the explorer activity, it will take you to a webpage that will have a button at the top left called Launch Interactive. You have to Launch the Interactive site in order to answer the worksheet questions. Follow the directions on the worksheet on how to navigate the interactive.

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