I have to put together my thesis from several research papers I have completed. My thesis title is “The Silent Victim: Families of Women who commit financial crimes”. This is on the federal prison system not the state systems. I have researched how women who commit white collar crimes have silent victims…their families. Sending women to a federal prison camp as a punishment to a white-collar crime in reality is punishing the families more than the woman offender. These women are first time non-violent offenders being sentenced to a federal prison camp where there is no bars, cells or locks. Although certainly they are not cushy they are prison but these women still have daily access to a gym, recreation and they all have to have a job. They are on a community level, low security prison often with 1 guard to over 200 women. They are not a threat to society by any means, however their families are left without mothers and caregivers. Alternative sentencing and diversionary programs such as use of community-based reentry companies is a better option for sentencing. Using GPS monitoring devices and home confinment forcing women to work to pay their restitutions and be able to still care for their children is the way of the future.
I will also upload several of my research papers to compile the rewriting and editing.

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