I need a 7 page paper on current nursing issues. The topic I chose is compassion fatigue.
The paper must follow APA format including:
Title page: Paper Title, Course Name, College, Your Name, Date
Double-spaced throughout
1-inch margins on all sides
1/2 inch indents for all new paragraphs
12 point font size, serif type fonts such as Times or Courier
Running heads must be included on all pages
Be objective. Personal opinions/subjectivity can be valuable but not dominate the content. Avoid rants. Support your positions with facts/citations.
Sub-headings must be used to demonstrate the paper’s organization and direction of the paper for readers.
Thesis Statement (including your position on the topic). This is the attention grabber to solicit reader’s interest and understand what the paper is about.
History (Factual) – Avoid “from the beginning of time” statements
Social Perspectives
Points of View – Consider both sides of a position – agree or disagree but support your views meaningfully and professionally
Check grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure before your final submission. Points are lost for errors.
Please submit in Word or PDF. Pages will not be accepted.
You do not need to create an abstract for this paper.
APA 7th edition must be used
There must be at least 5 APA formatted references included in the reference page and paper.
At a minimum, 1 reference must reflect a recent research study specific to the issue.
All listed references must be used and cited per APA format within the context of your paper.
References must be credible, reliable, valid, and current (within 5 – 6 years).

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