I would be looking for about 10-15 pages (excluding figures, refs, title page etc It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t really). Start with an outline of the start and end points of your timeline, describe the challenges that they had to overcome, then take me through five or six of the major mileposts along the way (these could be technological developments, scientific breakthroughs, major surprises etc). End up with a couple of pages of what you think the major achievements of the HGP have been so far.
How about three weeks or so? I’d like to get updates from you every few days as to how you are progressing, and it will give me a chance to help you with topics, focusing, answer main questions etc.
i) by this time next week, an outline of how you see the paper, with major section headings. Perhaps a first list of some of the sources you intend to consult or reference.
ii) diagrams or figures or timelines are great. As long as you give me the source in the figure legend, you can include them from other references. Feel free to draw your own, no matter how crude.
iii) refs should be Author (if more than five or six, then list the first few and then ‘et al.’), year, title, journal, vol:page
iv) at the end, we can have a meeting (zoom or in person) to discuss the whole timing.
Sounds reasonable?

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