identify a controversy or debate in the area that is in the field of maternal and child health. It should identify the gaps in the literature and provide your thoughts about implications of providing maternal and child public health services. Your paper will have the following sections:
1. Description of the issue/problem, nature and scope of the problem, type of data available to measure and monitor the problem
2. Contextual factors relevant to the problem in at least two (developed and developing) countries and at global level.
a. Equity, political, economic, social, cultural, religious
b. Health service infrastructure and public health policies
3. Description of a major policy or programmatic strategy used to address the problem/issue (This can be a strategy used in one or both of the countries or one that is recommended by an international organization, such as the WHO, UNFPA, UNESCO, …)
4. Critical assessment of whether or not the policy is suitable in each of the two countries.

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