In consultation with the module tutor you should choose a
topic in health of interest to yourself. (This could be a particular disease or
condition, the way a health care system is organised, a comparison of health
outcomes in different countries, the impact of social determinants on health,
etc. These are just ideas and not a restricted list of choices.)
Please note: your
topic must be different from any used in previous modules.
You should then produce a factsheet about this topic which
should be directed to inform an interested reader who knows nothing about the
topic. Your factsheet should be no more than 2 sides of A4 (landscape or
portrait orientation is acceptable).
Following this you should write a rationale to explain your
decision making. This should address the following questions:
Why did you choose this particular topic?
Which data sources did you use?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of these
Which indices of health and/or wellbeing are you
Why are you using these?
Why did you present the data in the way that you
What factors influenced the overall design of
your factsheet?
All of this should be completed as a single Microsoft Word
document. The 1500 word count refers only to the rationale p[art of your

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