In this assignment, you must select a topic the public may fell strong about. The stronger the feelings, the more likely you will find interesting material in your research. Then, you have to find actual data from surveys about that topic. You should structure your project addressing the following points – and in the same order.
Introduction of the topic. Describe the issue you are going to talk about, why it may be controversial, and why is interesting for you.(10%)
Show raw/general data of the public’s feelings and opinions about the issue. (20%)
Break down the general data using demographic characteristics (gender, income, ideology, education) to better explain the distribution of the public opinion. (30%)
Finally, make you own interpretation of the data. (30%)
Follow the APA guideline for the writing and layout style. You can write a paper in 10-12 pages (double-spaced, Times font 12). (10%)
Papers are delivered online through the particular assignment’s page in Blackboard Learn. I will not accept papers sent through any e-mail system. Make sure that you attach you paper as a PDF or Microsoft WORD document. If you send the assignment in any other format, I may not be able to open it.
Confidence in Police
Legalization of Marihuana
Death Penalty
Public Opinion on Police Brutality
Racial Inequality

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