Literature Review
One of the things we were going to try to accomplish in class was the importance of understanding how to do a literature review. The newest things that are being studied are written about in peer-reviewed journals. That information then is used in books and textbooks much later. If you want to stay on top of the most recent progressions in your field you should know what journals you would be looking at. I have attached some information about literature reviews and you will do a very short one for this assignment.
You will be comparing and contrasting the economics in Africa. To answer the following question you must find 3 sources that are peer-reviewed material. That means you must find academic journals through the library or online library that have information in them that can help you to answer the question.
This does a couple of things. It makes you familiar with the journals that are out there relating to economic geography and it helps you to know more recent data that is being collected to help make decisions for Africa’s economies.
Question: How has Africa improved its economic wealth in the 21st century and what will be the cause of its decline in economic growth moving forward?
Find information on the following to answer that seeks to answer the question.
-Improving economic growth in developing countries -find 1 source (a journal from the library database..this can be any journal that you feel will help provide information to answer the question…you are doing a literature review of 1 journal) Write ~200 words
-Agriculture and other industry growth or declines in Africa-find 1 source (a journal)~200 words
-Climate change and the threat to agriculture in Africa-find 1 source (a journal)~200 words
This is an example of the format you need to use:
Question: write the question here…then use three areas you are looking at and highlight the area in bold. Complete ~200 words by using your 1 source. The first time you use a source in APA format you will only use the last name and the year the journal was published. After the first time you use it you don’t need to use it again.
Remember to keep your sources so you can add them into the Works Cited.
Improving economic growth in developing countries
According to (Steiner, 2016) the economic growth in most developing countries is increasing by over 5% a year. This would cause the economic growth factors to spread to other regional areas within Africa by creating more trade opportunities. Steiner mentions that all ways of improving economic growth are related to education. There is an increase in education for girls that creates momentum for improved jobs and more jobs being available.
Climate change and the threat to agriculture you would be providing the same as above only looking for another journal that would be related to climate change/agriculture in developing countries/agriculture in Africa…etc. See what you can find. Again here you would use the citation of the author (Womack, 2019) and then after that you do not need to use that only the last name of the author.
You do the same with the third one.
This assignment would be the initial start of a formal literature review. The goal is for you to understand that information on recent studies and findings show in research journals. Cutting edge info.
For the first section of the lit review, I found a journal in the sociology section of journals. This helped to provide information on improving economic growth in Africa by creating community groups that can help with learning new skills like sewing and cooking. I thought it was interesting that they also mentioned that agriculture if taught in the schools, would help progress the creative ways those who work in agriculture can think about selling their products.
The second section I found a journal in the Journal of Agriculture that talked about how the development of more industrialized means of gathering food has helped to increase the overall production of food. If that is the case then the demand for those products will increase and if Africa is able to make some or all of those machines then it will help with their economic growth.
Yes, you can use any journal you can find- it has to be peer reviewed though so no books, newspaper articles, etc.
High-quality work
write the work cite ( references )
3 sources requirement
no plagiarism
follow the instruction and answers the questions

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