Method Paper – This paper chapter is focused on the study methodology. This section may be supported by academic, scholarly, and
peer-reviewed sources, but it is not absolutely necessary. Usually, you can think of a method section as a “cook
book”, where you are following a recipe for the study analysis. You want to write, step by step, how you plan to
carry out your study/proposal. Students will discuss the who, what, where, when, why, and how of their proposals.
Make sure to indicate what statistical analysis will be used, the steps to use it, and why this method was selected.
The page requirement for the method chapter is two (2) pages maximum. Academic writing should be pithy and the
method section is even straighter to the point. Students will also include a chapter on results/discussion/conclusion
that should be three (3) pages maximum. The results/discussion/conclusion section will be theoretical in this class,
given that students will not have run their analyses at this point. However, students should still hit all of the vital
points and demonstrate their understanding of the research topic, expected results, implications, and conclusions for
the field of social work. This work will also setup students for their presentations.

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