Title of Speech Proposition Statement Thesis Statement
Introduction (Raise Issue to Attention)
Main idea #1 (Expression of Need)
a. Subordinate idea
i. Support for subordinate idea
III. Main idea #2 (Expression of Satisfaction –The “plan” or course of action) a. Subordinate idea
i. Support for subordinate idea
IV. Main idea #3 (Visualization of Solution – The “benefits” or outcomes)
a. Subordinate idea
i. Support for subordinate idea
V. Conclusion (Call to Action)
(Please note that the content of your presentation may contain more or less subordinate ideas.) It is suggested to:
Incorporate “Transition statements” between critical main ideas.
Identify any visual aids, where it will be used, and how it will be used.
Specify where you will make citations.
The annotated bibliography should begin on its own page and should follow proper formatting.
Helpful questions to evaluate your work (These questions are to help you, not to be included in the assignment):
Is the specific intent clear?
Is the issue presented important, and is there a sense of urgency?
Does the introduction have an attention-getter and a preview?
Is the outline a clear representation of the presentation? Would someone reading the outline be able to replicate the speech?
Is there sufficient verbal or visual support? (i.e. citations and research)
Are the claims logically backed?
Does the speaker avoid logical fallacies?
Does the speech consider the cultural backgrounds of audience? The knowledge of the audience? The assumed viewpoints of the audience?
Are there sufficient internal previews and summaries?
Does the speech contain a conclusion that summarizes it? Does the conclusion also inspire resulting persuasive action

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