Need Reference slide for March 19
Include the following elements in your project:
 Historical/cultural situations that led to the genocide
 Parties involved – to include victims and oppressors
 Stereotypes associated with victims
 How were the victims captured, housed, treated, and murdered
 How did this genocide change the region
 How did the genocide end
 Discuss the global response to this genocide
 Your opinions/response to/of this genocide in history, along with ways to prevent
genocide based on your investigation
For the presentation, ensure you answer all the following questions. Requirements are as
 Minimum of 20-25 slides
 Five (5) scholarly sources.
 Headings (see below)
 Internal Citations
 Title slide
 Reference slide
 Proper 7th edition APA format
 Remember that sites, such as WIKIPEDIA, ENCYCLOPEDIA, MURDERPEDIA, – any
PEDIA sites are NOT academic in nature and should not be used in any writing
Headings on the slides should be as follows:
Overview – brief history of genocide
Cause(s) of genocide
Victims of genocide (descriptions; stereotypes; treatment)
Oppressors of genocide (descriptions; actions)
Changes/Impacts of genocide
End of genocide
Global response to genocide
Prevention of future types of genocide
Lessons Learned

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