Pick one issue of your choice concerning human rights- gender rights, freedom of speech, environmental justice, freedom from torture, drone attacks, refugee rights for example- and trace the debates on how movements in those countries have framed the issue in terms of tactics to be used to protect rights and the relationship of groups/scholars to UN bodies and transnational forums.
In the paper, you need at least 3 media sources and 5 research articles. Regardless of any choice you make, you must refer to some of the key texts we have read in the course. At least two readings including TWAIL scholars must be used.
The paper should be 12-15 pages long. You will first submit an abstract (March 22),
present on the final paper (April 20 & 27) and submit the research paper on May 7. Citations can be in any acceptable format such as MLA or Chicago style but has to be consistent and grade points will be deducted for improper referencing.

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