Prepare a written analytical report (3–4 pages) on any juvenile delinquency treatment program in any community of your choice. Assess the juvenile delinquency program that you selected to improve it or perhaps add more programs to supplement and support it. Many communities want alternatives to incarceration like community outreach, counseling, and after school jobs for juveniles, but may not know if programs like these are successful.
Your report should include the following:
What is the name of the program you are assessing?
Where is the program located?
Have there been any studies completed on the effectiveness of the program you are reviewing for the assignment? What were the results of these studies? If no studies were done, would this have been informative?
What (if any) positive impact is the program providing for the community and the delinquents?
Will the program help to curb juvenile delinquency? Why?
What are the negative aspects of the program you reviewed?
Give specific suggestions for improving the program (“none” is not an appropriate answer here; there are always manners in which programs can be improved).
Explain your reasoning for supporting or eliminating the program.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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