Research Paper (40% of grade). Students will be required to write a research paper on a subject of the student’s choice, as long as it has to do with the time period we’re talking about (1865-2022). It must be approved by the instructor first. This is not negotiable. If you show up with a paper on a topic I haven’t approved, you will lose a letter grade. This is for your benefit—that way I can help you choose a topic that’s not too broad or too narrow. Your topic is due on March 14; just send me an e-mail.
The paper will be at least 8 pages long, double-spaced, typed in 12-point readable font with one-inch margins. (Arial and Times New Roman are recommended.) A bibliography/works cited is required but doesn’t count towards the final page count.
You must have at least four sources for the research paper. One of the sources must be a book. At a minimum, you should have two primary and two secondary sources. A good resource on citing your sources can be found here:
You will also need to turn in a first draft of the paper by April 11. This is to help you to write a better final paper. I will give you feedback on your paper to get you (or keep you) on the right track. Remember, I’m here to help you!

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