Select and research one medium such as painting, sculpture, drawing, photography,.Choose two artists, one 20 – 21st century and one who was born at least 100 years earlier, who each use that same medium to portray SIMILAR subjects (people, landscapes, animals, abstract, etc.) (No Picasso, no Van Gogh, no Kinkade,no Bob the TV artist) Analyze one work of art by each artist. You must use the language of art, the Elements & Principles) Compare and contrast the two works you select. Give a brief biography of each artist, and describe how they used that medium to create
works of art.
Tell whether their art is representational, non-representational, or abstract.
Tell why the artist created the work (religious, political, personal/cultural expression, etc)
Compare and contrast how the two artists used this particular medium to express
something in the two works you chose to discuss. (similarities and differences)

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