Session 1 ( 1.5 pages, This is homework, not actually an essay)
People often talk about
what they think their Core Values are. For example:
People may say they VALUE
“Hard Work”…and hard work is one of their CORE VALUES. But
the question is do people really apply and “WORK HARD” in their real
life jobs, schooling, etc.
Or you may say you VALUE
“Loyalty,” but you are you even loyal to your goals or dreams…or is
loyalty only applied situationally?
So when it comes to this
activity and worksheet, the Question is: What VALUES do you
REALLY APPLY and LIVE by in your life right now?
Yes, our values change
with time, and yes, there are values we aspire to one day achieve and live by,
which is fluid and normal.
But in this activity, I
want you to reflect on what VALUES you apply and live by, not what you wish to
This is a 3
part CORE VALUES Activity and Discussion:
Part 1: Follow directions, Download and Complete
Worksheet : Core
Values & Essential Intentions Activity.Coun55.pdf
Part 2: Pick 5 Core Values and write a sentence
and example about those core values: Core Values Exercise Part
Part 3: Discussion: Prepare to Discuss in this
1. What were
your 5 Core Values?
2. Which was
the hardest to pick?
3. Which was
the easiest to pick?
4. Which
Value did you select, caused you to question yourself on how true you are to
applying that value in your life? ( for example, some people say hard work
is one of their core values, but in reality do they really work that
Session 2 ( 1 pages, this is homework not actually an
using your Social
Identity Wheel Worksheet (attached below) –
In the Dimensions of
Diversity Wheel, we worked with aboard/macro lenses to give you insight on your
overall makeup that falls into the Diversity wheel. We also had discussions and
interviews to get your brain going about diversity and identity.
In this exercise, we want
to narrow it down to your personal/ Social Identity Wheel. This activity
is not only about “Identities you Identify with,” but why do
you identify with these identities??
complete the Social Identity Wheel: social-identity-wheel-handout.pdf
Fill in the
space or on a separate piece of paper, write up a description for each
For Example:
Ethnicity – Hmong
National Origin – USA
Social Economic Status – Broke Student
these 4 questions in the discussion board with your group.
Identities you think most about? Why?
Identities you think least about? Why?
Identities you want to learn more about?
Identities that you have the strongest effect
on how you see yourself as a person? Why?
Session 3 ( Part 1 only need to comple the attached files maybe
0.5 page, part 2 with 2 pages essay)
Assignment Activity Part 1:
Venn Diagram Mind Mapping (Brainstorm) Exercise: (CORE VALUES and SOCIAL
Now that you’ve completed the worksheets and discussions for
social identity wheel and core values. It is time to brainstorm and
see how they work together in understanding your diversity.
Complete the Venn Diagram/ Mind Mapping activity: Start with
listing in each circle your 5 Core Values you listed in your previous
From there, pull in some of your main social identities
(from your Social Identity Wheel worksheet) that you identify with and
write it in under each core value circle you feel it falls
into. ( Note my example below)
Also give examples and roles that make up who
you are and how they represent you.
Download attached
you will find an example download:
Core Value Venn Diagram.pdf
Download and complete
Mind Mapping Worksheet here download:
Value.Social Identity Venn Diagram (Student COPY).pdf
Assignment Part 2:
Social Identity and Core Values Paper (2 page essay)
Once you have completed
the VENN Diagram, ideally you should have a more organized perspective of how
your social identity and core values coexist.
Now combine what you
learn and reflected on from your Social Identity Wheel exercise and
Core Values activity and write a (2 page essay) and address
these questions:
1. What
are your main Social Identities you identify with, and why?
2. What
are your main 5 Core Values you identify with, and why?
3. As you
filled out your Core Value Venn Diagram, did you find yourself repeating words
that represented your Social identities in more than one circle?
4. Identify
what makes a bigger impact on your education right now in your life? Your
Social Identity or your Core Values?

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