Students will compare two groups that they belong to or are involved in (agency groups as well as agency staff as a group are acceptable). Other possibilities are family of origin, athletic team, friends, Greek organization, faith-based group, neighborhood group, etc. according to the following areas. The paper must include four references to assigned articles for the course or other relevant journal articles. Use terminology from the course and readings.
Use these as subheadings:
Introduction to the groups, where do they meet? when? how many members
Group type
Group Members. How do people “join” the group?
Group Leadership [who & style] How are leaders chosen?
Group roles, especially your role
Group Goals
Group Stage, what stage is the group in?
Group Communication styles
Summarize the similarities and the difference
Be as specific as you can and give examples, especially of your role in each group.
Articles – Cite 4 journal articles from assigned readings or literature search. Proper APA format is required.
Article Analysis. To sensitize the student’s awareness and increase their knowledge of social
work and group social work issues students will read an article relevant to the field of group work
practice. The article must be from a professional journal. Social work, psychiatry, psychology,
education is all acceptable. The article must have been published later that 2010.
The article analysis should be at least three pages long and should cover the following:
1. Identify the author(s), article title, source of the article, date etc.
2. Summarize each article’s major points
3. State why this article is relevant to current group work practice.
4. Relate the article to at least two concepts mentioned in the class or in the texts.
5. Clearly identify the concepts.
6. Use APA format
7. What did you think of the article?
8. Include a copy of the article or a link to the article

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