Students will write a 900-word, thesis driven essay on Claudia Rankin’s The White Card. The paper must engage with ONE credible source on the play. This could include a peer-reviewed journal article by a credible scholar, a book or chapter from a book published by a university press, a podcast or scholarly webpage done by a credible scholar employed by a college or a university, or an interview by an artist involved in the play. Students should make a significant engagement with the credible source. Explain the source, the context of the idea you are using, and what you think the source is saying in your own words. Students will also provide a footnote after citing the source that will say who the author of the source is, where they are employed, and why you think they are credible. Students, moreover, will need to include a Works Cited page in MLA style. This must include at least a citation for the credible source that was used and the primary text under discussion.

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