Teresa Margolles (Mexican artist working with photography, video and performance art often dealing
with themes of death)
research paper should include a clear introduction paragraph providing a
brief outline of how your paper is organized and highlight the main
concepts you will later discuss, as well as a conclusion paragraph
summarizing the main ideas or points. The research paper should include
biographical information that contributes to our understanding of the
artist’s practice (make sure this doesn’t become the sole focus), you
should provide a description of some of the artist’s artworks (thinking
specifically about material choices and handling, stylistic approaches,
and any important creative processes used during production/creation),
and a discussion of the underlying issues and themes of the artist’s
work. When writing your paper use the chapters in your text as a model.
Each chapter introduces the artist with some biographical information
and then proceeds to talk about the underlying themes using a
chronological approach to the artist’s practice. You might want to
structure your paper differently but remember that the most important
focus of your research paper should be to develop and discuss the
underlying issues and themes of the artist’s work by examining specific
Format for Part 1 of Submission:

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