The report should be typed and double spaced with 12 point font. Please use APA format.
1. Perform a job analysis of the job ( Application Developer). This can be done by interviewing people who currently
have the job and/or by conducting research, such as using O*Net and other sources.
Describe the process used to conduct the job analysis. (Chapter 4)
2. Based on the job analysis identify which qualifications are essential and which are
desirable in new hires. After completing the job analysis write a 1 -2 page job
description. (Chapter 4)
3. Develop a sourcing plan for the job. Critically analyze recruiting sources and
recommend recruiting sources that are likely to work. Be sure to explain why your
recommendations are likely to be effective. (Chapter 6)
4. Devise a series of assessment methods (e.g., job interviews, assessment centers, work
samples, cognitive ability tests, and many others) for evaluating job candidates. Justify
your recommendations and use concrete examples. Additionally, develop scoring keys
to highlight the specific methods for selecting employees.
This section must include a job interview and lost the questions to ask candidates and
describe how their responses will be evaluated. (Chapters 9 & 10)
5. Building on #4, create a formal assessment plan (pages 381 – 383) linking your
assessment methods to the characteristics being assessed. Describe which characteristics
will be assessed with each assessment method and justify why the assessment is
appropriate to use when staffing your chosen job. (Chapters 9 & 10)
6. Describe how candidates’ assessment scores will be combined into a single score that can
be used to compare candidates. Describe how you will reduce the candidate pool to a
group of finalists and how you will decide with of your finalists will receive a job offer.
(Chapter 11)

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