This assignment will allow students the opportunity to enhance their professional communication skills. Students will present the findings from their special populations paper (Assignment 2) to their colleagues during the last week of class. The goal of your presentation is to provide your colleagues with a deeper understanding of the population you have researched. Professional presentations are most effective when they provide both a written format as well as accompanying audio and/or video. May be posted on Discussion Board Beginning on 4/15/20 at noon EST and ending on 4/18/20, 11:59 pm EST. You may comment on colleagues’ presentations until 4/20/20, 5:00 pm EST.
Use of PowerPoint with audio on each slide meets this requirement; alternate strategies may be approved in advance by the instructors. Presentations may last up to 15 minutes.
Reflecting professional conference presentations, each presentation should identify 3 to 5 learning goals. Ask yourself, “what knowledge will the viewer/your colleagues develop as a result of watching this presentation?”
Your presentation will be graded in the following areas:
• Demonstration of professional oral and written communication skills.
• Identification of learning goals and overall effectiveness in meeting these goals.
• Summarization of research from your Special Populations assignment in the following areas:
o Introduction
o Risk and Protective Factors
o Social Justice
o Screening, Assessment, and Intervention
o Conclusion

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