This essay is for college admission
The topic is given: Discuss an event or experience in your life that helped shape you into the person you are today (500-word minimum)
I want to share one story that changed my qualities and outlook on life. This story helped me turn life′s difficulties into incredible life lessons and fight with my inner ego. This story describes how my friends and I faced racism in another country during the coronavirus epidemic. And what a lesson it served for us and for those people who woke us up. Despite the difficult situation and timely psychological trauma, my friends and I could solve this issue.
I wrote it in simple words. I need to show in the essay how this situation changed me and what impact I was able to have on my environment. In this essay, my entire personality has to be shown. I tried my best to explain what I wanted to share with the admission committee. I am waiting for your professional feedback.
This is a sample of my story written by me:
My first year of study abroad and the first time I was away from my family. I was a foreign student in a small town where tourists come once a year, especially of Asian origin
– “Dear students, due to the deterioration of the viral situation, you will be released from school lessons. Please observe the security measures. International students please contact parents”. The speech of the school principal with an exciting, slightly hoarse voice when the first outbreak of the virus was detected at the school.
On the street, people are intimidated with masks, grocery stores are almost empty. Every person who met us on the street was afraid of us and ran right in front of us. They expressed themselves very rudely, condemning our origin and with the words return to your country, it’s because of you that the virus is in our city. Before that, we had heard a lot about the words and ridicule in the shock from a lot of guys; Chinese what are you doing here, konichua (to say hello in Chinese).
After returning to school, a bunch of people were waiting for us, watching the braid and condemning us, they said directly that we should go home, and they had heard coronavirus coronavirus many times.The situation was out of control, my friends and I felt loneliness and longing, bullying from schoolchildren and strangers.
In shopping malls, people looked in surprise at our sweatshirts where it was written the only virus you present is your racism. We wore these sweatshirts everywhere, in shopping malls, at school, on the street. I got the idea to hold an event about the community of cultures and the relationship and acceptance of people who are not like you.
The purpose of such actions was to educate the school students, tolerance, friendship, which in my opinion we were able to do. It is impossible to forget the support of friends, because as a society that takes measures for a good influence, the event we held for 1.5 hours made many people cry in our school. Mercy, Respect for human dignity, Respect for the rights of others, Cooperation, Compassion, I can describe the ideology of our event in this way.
After we left, our earthlings came to study at this school, although they are younger than us. Absolutely everyone at the school accepted them as their own people. After the peaceful event, the students realized the fact about the feelings of others, regardless of skin color and country of origin. We have conducted such events in 25 different schools in the city of X. We strongly believed that it was possible to enlighten people with kindness and understanding and acceptance of the world in an absolutely peaceful way. My friends and I have been through a lot, but we were able to support each other in every problem. That’s what I call my that changed me and my society. This story helped me to create my internally braveness and society that can make big changes, peaceful actions, a society that knows how to keep patience, respond to evil with good.

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