This is going to be my graduation thesis so it is really important for me.
—Everything’s explained in the Thesis description.pdf—
I uploaded some references you might need to check. They are the articles my professor shared with me. You also should find some other references published after 2015. I will be happy if you can also share them with me. I want to get in touch in every 2 weeks because I need to send your work to the professor and ask for the feedback. So Let’s say that you start with the introduction part. Once you are done with it you shall send it to me and I will let you know after. I also want you to be careful about the plagirasm please!
I have the questionnaire that I must use in my research so I will send you the data related to questionnaire in 2 weeks. It must be in my thesis.
Please start from the beginning(introduction) and send it to me with the references next week before thursday. As I said we have to go step by step (every 2 weeks).

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