This project can be done through PowerPoint, Google Slide Show, or Prezi. You are persuading your audience to take action on a current social issue. For example: Social distancing can save lives; Donate Blood, Stop Smoking, etc. You can choose your own topic; however, it should not be a topic that we have already used in class. Email me your topic if you are unsure if your topic is acceptable. You should have at least eight content slides and an additional works cited slide and title slide for a total of 10 slides.
Here is a link to examples of how to make a PSA slideshow and examples of Slideshow PSAs. You do not have to do your PSA the same as the examples. You have creative control.
There is a possibility that when you try to upload your slideshow to D2L, you may receive a message indicating that your file is too large. If that happens, upload your slideshow to YouTube and attach the link to your slideshow in the assignment box or the comments for the assignment.

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