This project is already have some basic function like adding friends or posting. I am a new member and my job is just to write 1-2 new functiuon and make sure they are running. I can share more information about github, firebase and word doucument if you are intrerested.
Introduction and Project Description
The project is to develop a software that can simulate the experience of a social media platform for a moderate number of users at the front end (around 50), where different aspects of the interface and dynamics of posts can be controlled by graduate students on the back end. Our aim is to use this platform to conduct experiments to study how human users interact with (1) various mechanisms to crowdsource identification of fake news and (2) different techniques to minimize the spread of fake news after it has been identified.
Key Deliverables:
The primary deliverable should be an app with the following functionality:
On the front end: it should mimic a social media platform for main users on mobile phones.
On the back end: It should allow graduate students to collect data and give feedback to users using a computer (more details later)
Well-documented source code that allows us to make modifications as necessary.
Well-documented configuration files to make minor changes to the functionality.

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