Topic is -Patients’ experience of taking clozapine. A systematised literature review.
15000 words dissertation Masters, over 50 references.
This is a secondary research that will review existing published research articles
This dissertation should have 1 Aim and at least 4 objectives.
7 existing published peer viewed paper/articles should be used for this secondary research. The research paper should only cover between 2015 to 2022 and this needs to be justified. The databases that will be used Cinahl complete, Embase, Medline, scopus and psycho info.
The questions framework to use is PICO justify it. You will use Prisma 2020.
Please find attached the following the dissertation full brief this also includes the learning outcomes that needs to be achieved and the structure of each chapter. I have also attached a sample dissertation which can be mirrored as this is the standard and format the university requires.
I would advise that the writer reads through the sample dissertation and all attachments before commencing the work, as it helps with producing a good work.

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