Watch (or read/study) the film Invictus (2009).
· Using class lectures, textbook readings, and online assignments, apply examples from the film Invictus to the two (2) questions presented below:
(1) Examine Nelson Mandela’s leadership in the movie to the leadership concepts discussed in the textbook, class lectures, and online assignments
(2) Based on Chapters 16 & 18 of the textbook and class lectures, examine how Nelson Mandela achieved results through leading, influencing, and motivating others
· Cite all references used in your Paper
· Papers are due March 26th, 2022, before 11:45 pm
· Your Paper should be a maximum of two (2) pages, double-spaced in a Microsoft Word document.
· will be graded on spelling, grammar, integration of key course concepts, and
· thoroughness of responses to the questions posed in the case.

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