Writing Assignment:
Written Paper Rubric — Due March 18th
Student Name
Instructor Name
Govt 2305 section ….
Paper Title
Use Times New Roman, 12 font. Double space all text. Indent paragraphs 5 spaces.
1” margins sides, top and bottom.
3 pages, 3 references.
Make sure you cite your sources in the following method:
Body of text (reference author last name)
Extra page at end with list of references.
Paragraph outlining the current event or issue.
How it affects us.
Real life examples of how we could be affected, would a change benefit us?
Example: court cases and what was/will be accomplished
Reference your points with solid references. No blogs, no Fox News and no CNN.
Try to remain bipartisan and make sure you cite valid references to uphold your point of view.
Punctuation – 20% Make sure you avoid run-on sentences and punctuate correctly.
Grammar – 10% Please make sure you use correct wording, spelling
Body of Text – 50% solid facts and references. Please make sure you do not plagiarize. If you need to quote something word for word, do it, but use parenthesis and reference the quote. You can offer opinions, but use references to back up your opinion. (Solid References) If you are writing in one voice in one sentence and in another voice in the next, I will deduct points, unless you show one of these as a reference. Last paragraph should be a summary.

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